Providing effective and individualized psychotherapy is my mission as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCS 24952) and Board Certified Diplomate (BCD 58486). My work with patients is grounded in both extensive clinical training and the belief that psychological healing can lead to greater overall health, increased freedom, and a life lived with clearer intention and purpose. Greatly influenced by the unique nature of a creative process, and by my own classical music training, my practice is attuned to each individual's unique needs and circumstances. In the treatment, I encourage patients to use their intellect, creativity and imagination to envision and embody their wishes for growth.


Making space for the past and present, I actively engage in an open dialogue of curiosity with patients. Together, we look at difficulties in the here-and-now that often stem from longer-standing dilemmas and challenges. Effective psychotherapy can help individuals and couples move through familiar emotional patterns and troublesome reactions to others, specific situations, or tasks. An exploration and dismantling of these “blocks” can clear the way for a new path of feeling, thinking and relating.